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Water Management Blueprints For Your Business

Whether you’re working or managing farmland, or you’re planning infrastructure projects across rural acres, Ellingson Technology and Engineering can help your bottom line.

Ellingson Technology and Engineering takes a holistic, data-based approach to subsurface water management and design. It’s precise. It’s productive. And it’s positively the best way to maximize ROI on subsurface water management investments.

No production plan is complete without a targeted subsurface water management plan. Where should you invest in drainage to get more from your soil and maximize returns? The ProfitPlan has the answers and the results may surprise you

Take your management to the next level with an ProfitPlan . We’ll help you prioritize where to invest subsurface water management resources to maximize yield and land value for today and tomorrow.

A proper subsurface water management system will not only improve yields for your farmer-customers, but it is also a good tool to increase the value of the land. The ProfitPlan will provide you with the data and ROI information needed to prioritize your investment decisions.

Stand out from the competition and add value by partnering with Ellingson Technology and Engineering for all of your subsurface water management planning and design needs. The FieldPlan contains all the engineering documents and maps needed to install a subsurface water management system.

Ellingson Technology and Engineering can help you succeed when installing wind turbines, solar farms, or pipelines on agricultural land, starting with planning routes to minimize tile impact, ensuring farmers feel comfortable signing land easements on tiled acres and implementing drainage repair and improvements as required.

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