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As an ag financial lender, you know a proper subsurface water management system will not only improve yields for your farmer-customers, but it is also a good tool to increase the value of the land. Because of that, subsurface water management transactions have primarily focused on tiling the wettest field first and waiting for next season to see a positive response in yields.

With the combination of advanced technology and nearly 50-years of practical water management experience in the field, Ellingson Technology and Engineering is changing the conversation from transactional to a strategic, planned annual investment.

With our ProfitPlan, we’re able to help you determine which fields will provide the highest return on investment from subsurface water management by comparing all fields on a farm against each other to better determine which fields have “good” returns and which fields have “really good” returns. Now, you’ll be able to better plan subsurface water management investments with your customers and implement those needs into their annual budget, the same way you plan their annual seed and crop input needs.

Our ProfitPlan will help you:

  • Determine the best ROI* on a single field or multiple fields;
  • Predict 10-year paybacks;
  • Prioritize subsurface water management investments; and
  • Maximize yields and manage risk in relation to water.

The first step to your customized ProfitPlan is a whole farm assessment. Start your ProfitPlan or reach us at 888-527-2294.

*Estimated annual ROI and profit is based on your soil type, crop rotation, drainage coefficient and weather history. This annual profit and ROI is a projection based on site/operation specific information and actual returns may vary. Ellingson Companies is not liable for variances from this projection

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