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Your Farm Water Management Partner Since 1970

50 years of underground experience consolidated into one Ellingson App designed to make the lives of agricultural decision-makers easy.

Data can be a powerful decision-making tool but can also be confusing and complicated to organize in a useful way. We understand these challenges and build tools to give you seamless access, aggregation, visualization, and insights from your data. 

We combined our half-century of hands-on water management installation and engineering experience with the latest cloud-based technology to develop The Ellingson App, a platform you can use to make data-driven decisions, improve your crop yield, and increase operational efficiencies.

Ellingson App Is For The


Knowing exactly what’s going on in your field, combined with insights from historical data, gives you the potential to get the most from every dollar you spend on seed, crop nutrients and crop protection products. The Ellingson App provides you convenient access to tools that allow for a strategic approach to your fields, such as correlating the tile map with water level data to determine whether drainage is sufficient.

Land Managers

As a manager and advisor, your reputation and success are built on helping your landowners maximize return from their land. The Ellingson App gives you the tools you need to make your consulting and management services even more powerful and allows you to manage your risk while providing informed, data-backed insights and services to your customers, such as easy access to FSA maps for use in official communications, loans and insurance purposes.


Detailed information is at the center of every decision you make, so it’s important that you have easy access to your clients’ field data. The Ellingson App combines multiple sources of vital information into one easy-to-navigate platform so you can do your job more successfully. For example, you can use the app to easily pull up crop history of a particular area for evaluation.

Ag Retailers

As a provider of products and services for growers, the success of both you and your customers depends on you knowing what they need before they do. Practical farm data can help you better serve growers with information-driven insights. The Ellingson App uses public and proprietary field and farm data to help you provide growers the product or service specific to their needs.


As an ag financial lender, you know proper water management will not only improve yields for your grower-customers but can also increase the value of the land. You have a lot of information you need to factor into your decisions. The Ellingson App services and tools will provide you with an efficient way to see the big picture data needed to help your customers prioritize their investment decisions.

Drainage Contractors

You know the satisfaction that comes from successfully completing a tile installation project that helps your customer increase yields. Now, you can bring your customers even more value, with detailed insights into their fields. Use information such as wetland data, FEMA reports and the tile map to determine where they can maximize their subsurface water management investment.

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